List of abstracts

Panel 1A | Platformization and Digital Labour in China

Zhibo Gonghui: China’s “Live-Streaming Guilds” of Algorithmic Experts
Authors | Affiliation: Chris K. K. Tan | Nanjing University; Tingting Liu | Jinan University

From Casual Worker (Sangong) to Platform Labor: gig workers in China and the global conditions of (the platform) capitalism
Author | Affiliation: Julie Yujie Chen | University of Toronto

The Information Have-more: Understanding the working class in the Platformization of the Chinese Network Society
Authors | Affiliation: WeiMing Ye | Peking University HSBC Business School; Luming Zhao | Peking University HSBC Business School

Navigating the Economy of Ambivalent Intimacy: Gender and Relational Labour in China’s Livestreaming Industry
Authors | Affiliation: Zhen Ye | Erasmus University Rotterdam; Chenyu Dong | Renmin University of China

The rise of platformized governance in China: Migration, technology and social integration
Author | Affiliation: Sophie Sun Ping | Institute of Journalism and Communication, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Panel 1B | Games and E-sports

From Electronic Heroin to Functional Games: Perceptions of Videogames and Play in China
Author | Affiliation: Hugh Davies | RMIT University

Strategies of globalization among China’s digital game entrepreneurs
Author | Affiliation: Gejun Huang | Soochow University

Dislocating Chineseness: Paratexuality of Chinese mobile game production in going abroad
Author | Affiliation: Yizhou Xu | UW-Madison

Gaming Power on the Global Stage: The Case of Tencent in China
Authors | Affiliation: Zixue Tai | University of Kentucky; Fengbin Hu | University of Kentucky

Frictions: Fragmented Authoritarianism in China’s Esports
Author | Affiliation: Junyi Lv | USC Annenberg

Panel 1C | Chinese Outbound Social Media Platforms in the Indian-Pacific: Just How Soft is Chinese Digital Power?

Socio-cultural strategies of laowai wanghong
Author | Affiliation: Crystal Abidin | Curtin University

Cross-platform flows between TikTok and Douyin
Author | Affiliation: Xinyu (Andy) Zhao | Deakin University

Soft power bottom up: internationalization of Chinese UGC content
Author | Affiliation: Xiaoting Yu | Queensland University of Technology

Soft power via social media: instrument versus resource
Author | Affiliation: Gary Rawnsley | University of Nottingham

Digital Cold War: The China-India Dynamic
Author | Affiliation: Daya Thussu | Sage journal Global Media and Communication

Assessing the evidence: how far out is China’s culture?
Author | Affiliation: Michael Keane | Queensland University of Technology

Panel 1D | China’s digital creative industries

Connectors: returning female digital creative entrepreneurs in China
Author | Affiliation: Qing Wang | Curtin University

Rethinking the creative economy in East Asia: Lessons from China, Japan and South Korea
Author | Affiliation: Yu Shan | Queensland University of Technology

Latecomers and Gamechangers: A Comparative Study Between Chinese and Korean Digital Television Industries
Author | Affiliation: Miaotong Yuan | Communication University of China

Our Best Friend and Worst Folly: Retelling Alphabet’s Story in China (2001-2018)
Author | Affiliation: Lianrui Jia | York University

Development of OTT in China: Features, Impacts and Trends
Author | Affiliation: Yannan Liu | Communication University of China; Xuejing Zhang; Yaning Wang; Yang Dong

Panel 2A | Invisible Chinese internet users and infrastructures

WeChat and Chinese e-commerce in Myanmar and Cambodia
Author | Affiliation: Elisa Oreglia | King’s College London

Rural e-commerce and the Persistence of Gender Inequality
Author | Affiliation: Cara Wallis | Texas A&M University

Entrepreneurial Labor between Ghana and China
Author | Affiliation: Silvia Lindtner | University of Michigan

Disciplining the Underclass Users on Kuaishou: Hanmai Rap Videos and Social Class
Authors | Affiliation: Jiaxi Hou | The University of Tokyo; Yanhui Zhang | Tsinghua University

Panel 2B | China’s digital communication industry and its discontent

How Flipping News Interwind With Reversal of Public Sentiment: Analyzing Posts on Sina Weibo
Author | Affiliation: Yuanfeixue Nan | USC Annenberg

The Digital Transformation of China’s Film Industry and the establishment of Chinese Digital Soft Power
Author | Affiliation: Wendy Su | University of California Riverside

The Pervasive Presence of Chinese Government Content on Douyin Trending Videos
Authors | Affiliation: Yingdan Lu |Stanford University;Jennifer Pan | Stanford University

From Idol to State: The Rise of Fandom Nationalism in Chinese Cyberspace
Authors | Affiliation: Yingdan Lu |Stanford University; Leo Yang | Stanford University

Role of Intellectual Property in Forming China’s Export-led Economic Policy
Author | Affiliation: Bashar Malkawi

Panel 2C | China’s techno-social realities and futures

Recontextualizing debt: China’s credit collection callers and anti-collection alliance during Covid-19
Author | Affiliation: Tom MacDonald | University of Hong Kong

Communication placation: State appropriation of satire in China
Authors | Affiliation: Yipeng Xi | National University of Singapore; Aaron Yi Kai Ng | National University of Singapore

“Hybrid mediation opportunity structure in the age of datafication: Adaptive and resilient feminist data activism in China”
Authors | Affiliation: Yu Sun | Zhejiang University; Siyuan Yin | Simon Fraser University

Understanding online citizenship practices of Chinese young adults
Author | Affiliation: Jun Fu | Youth Research Centre, University of Melbourne

Multiple Discourses of Gene Editing on Social Media: A Case Study of Chinese Gene-Edited Human Babies
Authors | Affiliation: Xing Zhang | National University of Singapore, Weiyu Zhang | National University of Singapore; Anfan Chen | University of Science and Technology of China

From Diaosi to Sang:the Youth Culture of Self-Mockery and Self-Defeat in China
Author | Affiliation: Junqi Peng | Hong Kong Baptist University

Panel 2D | China’s Internet Governance: Domestic Issues and Global Aspirations

Digital business governance in China: The algorithm design of Tik Tok
Author | Affiliation: Altman Yuzhu Peng | Newcastle University

A good China story or a wasteful practice: Chinese social eating livestreams under scrutiny
Author | Affiliation: Lina Qu | Michigan State University

Cyber historical nihilism and its governance in China
Authors | Affiliation: Jian Xu | Deakin University; Qian Gong | Curtin University; Wen Yin | Nanjing Forestry University

How does national policy respond to data flow: Evolution and Prospects of Cyber ​​Sovereignty in current China
Authors | Affiliation: Yin Shan | Peking University; Jing Xu | Peking University

Regulating Chinese and North American digital media in Australia
Author | Affiliation: Chunmeizi Su | Queensland University of Technology

Towards a critique of the Chinese state – on rising powers, digital diplomacy and norms
Author | Affiliation: Padmapriya Vidhya-Govindarajan | New York University

Panel 3A | Wanghong, Social Media Entertainment and the Social Industries

Industry frameworks for differentiating Wanghong and Social Media Entertainment
Authors | Affiliation: Stuart Cunningham | Queensland University of Technology; David Craig | USC Annenberg

Wanghong and their unlikely creativities: a study of Chinese social media culture
Author | Affiliation: Jian Lin | University of Groningen

Online fiction writers in China: fame and fragility
Author | Affiliation: Anthony Fung | Chinese University of Hong Kong

Wanghong as liminal creative labour in China
Author | Affiliation: Elaine Zhao | University of New South Wales

Beyond micro/internet celebrity: Renewing Wanghong as a Concept
Author | Affiliation: Dino Ge Zhang | Zhejiang University

Microcelebrity Goes to Gay Porn
Author | Affiliation: Lin Song | University of Macau

Whose Recognition Is It? The impossible identity of popular eat-streamers in China
Author | Affiliation: Sijun Shen | Monash University

Panel 3B | Global governance of smart cities, facial recognition and the internet

American, European and Chinese Perspectives on Internet Governance
Author | Affiliation: Ang Peng Hwa | Nanyang Technological University

Governance Challenges in Smart Cities: Connecting People, Place and Technology
Author | Affiliation: Marcus Foth | Queensland University Technology

Chinese Cyber Sovereignty in the Age of US-China Tech Rivalry
Author | Affiliation: Min Jiang | UNC Charlotte

Principles for Governing AI, Facial Recognition, and Smart Cities: Finding Points of Consensus in a Global Technology Ecosystem
Author | Affiliation: Lorraine Kisselburgh | Purdue University

Panel 3C | WeChat and Chinese diaspora

WeChat use and symbolic boundary making: A case study of Chinese international students in Australia
Author | Affiliation: Xinyu Zhao | Deakin University

News via WeChat for Chinese Speakers in Brazil: Towards Integration with the PRC Information Environment
Author | Affiliation: Josh Stenberg | Sydney University

Global App, Local Politics, and Chinese Migrants in Africa: A Comparative Study of Zambia and Angola
Author | Affiliation: Hangwei Li | SOAS, University of London

WeChat and Migration Infrastructure, the case of Siberian
Authors | Affiliation: Natalia Ryzhova | Yandex University; Yulia Kodzhaeva | Yandex University

Building a life on the soil of the ultimate other – WeChat and the sense of belonging among Chinese migrants in Japan
Author | Affiliation: Xinyu Promio Wang | Ibaraki Christian University

WeChat as Everyday Tactics: Shanzhai-ed Didi Making Place in Pre-Uber Vancouver
Author | Affiliation: Yijia Zhang | University of British Columbia

WeChat as a digital bridge for the Chinese residents in Italy? A study of the use of social media during the first wave of COVID-19
Authors | Affiliation: Gianluigi Negro | Siena University and China Media Observatory; Lala Hu | Catholic University of Milan

Panel 3D | Algorithmic imagination of social media

Live streaming and reinvigoration on Momo: Exploring the dynamic transition of a Chinese social network app
Authors | Affiliation: Li Haili | Queensland University of Technology; D. Bondy Valdovinos Kaye | Queensland University of Technology

Traffic media: How algorithmic imaginations and practices change content production
Authors | Affiliation: Weiyu Zhang | National University of Singapore; Zhuo Chen | National University of Singapore ; Yipeng Xi | National University of Singapore

Context the WeChat use in dynamic Internet Era of China: Super App or Super Disruption
Authors | Affiliation: Ying Huang | Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication; Weishan Miao | Institute of Journalism and Communication, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

WeChat: From mimicry to techno-orientalism
Author | Affiliation: Fan Yang | Deakin University

Public engagement in news media spaces on WeChat
Authors | Affiliation: Xuanzi Xu | University of Sydney; Joyce Nip | University of Sydney

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