American, European and Chinese Perspectives on Internet Governance

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American, European and Chinese Perspectives on Internet Governance

Author | Affiliation:
Ang Peng Hwa | Nanyang Technological University

Presenting at:
Panel 3B | Global governance of smart cities, facial recognition and the internet


Internet governance has a tri-polar perspective: American, European and Chinese. In the 2005, in the lead-up to the second World Summit on the Information Society, the US Administration sent two high-level letters to China that, in essence, urged her not to press her position that Internet governance be under government. China backed away, staying silent in much of the negotiations. The current position of Internet governance where civil society groups, business and government have a shared standing as stakeholders is therefore of more European origin. The Trump Administration, however, threatens to undermine that position: as governments and civil society are distanced, the third pole—China’s perspective of the dominance of government as a stakeholder—is accepted as a possible position for other governments to adopt. In China’s case, a reasonable response would be to try to be independent of US technologies. This presentation explores the implications of such independence.

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Ang Peng Hwa


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