China’s ‘digital diplomacy’: Expressing ‘soft power’ via social media

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China’s ‘digital diplomacy’: Expressing ‘soft power’ via social media

Author | Affiliation:
Gary Rawnsley | University of Nottingham

Presenting at:
Panel 1C | Chinese Outbound Social Media Platforms in the Indian-Pacific: Just How Soft is Chinese Digital Power?


Despite severe limitations on access to digital platforms within China, multiple Chinese media, government institutions, and diplomats and Ambassadors are using social media to address audiences across the world, to change the global conversation about China, and defend China against criticism. In this presentation, Gary Rawnsley will consider how and why digital platforms are used to pursue China’s foreign policy ambitions, especially its public diplomacy strategy. In particular, the presentation will consider how digital platforms can change the conversation about China and whether they really do generate and communicate China’s so-called ‘soft power’.

About the author

Gary Rawnsley


Gary Rawnsley is Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Professor of Public Diplomacy at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China.

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