Development of OTT in China: Features, Impacts and Trends

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Development of OTT in China: Features, Impacts and Trends

Authors | Affiliation:
Yannan Liu | Communication University of China; Xuejing Zhang; Yaning Wang; Yang Dong

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1D | China’s digital creative industries


In the year of 2019, China’s OTT has been upgraded from a pan-entertainment tool to a smart service platform based on its features of software and hardware integration, human-computer interaction (HCI), personalized content recommendation, and multi-scenarios applications. Moreover, relying on the above-mentioned characteristics and its great market potentials, OTT in China also evolves into the first portal of home Internet and plays a significant role in reshaping the large-screen ecosystem by means of closely allied with web-based hi-tech companies, terminal manufacturers, content providers and network operators.

The characteristics of China’s OTT are mainly reflected in four aspects: Firstly, that of intern disintermediation to free OTT users from the constraints of remote controller or the mobile APP-linked controller by utilizing HCI and AI technology, like speech recognition. Secondly, that of personalized content distribution to distribute customized media content to the accurate individual or user groups by employing data-based family dynamic profile generation and AI recommendation algorithm. Thirdly, that of closed-loop marketing in the living room to bridge the gap between multi-source data and its corresponding decision-making through the combination of content scene tags classification, users’ multi-dimensional presentation and accurate advertising as well as interconnected ROI tracking. At last, that of IoT-based smart home to fully cover the triad of user, application scenarios and terminals and to get the utmost out of living room economy via data-driven technologies, such as 5G, IoT and 8K display, etc.

Focusing on user, China’s OTT is now constructing a new linkage of people, family, media and society. This paper will analyze the characteristics, its social impact of OTT and explore the laws of the development of the living room Internet (a specific type of home Internet) as well.

About the authors

Yannan Liu


The first and corresponding author, Dr. Yannan Liu is the director of Audience Research Center in Communication University of China (CUC) and she is also a full professor and Ph.D. supervisor in CUC. Her teaching and research fields are mainly focused on smart communication studies, audience analysis, audience ratings, communication theories and methods, data mining and Internet public opinions. She has published several books and some papers in China’s leading journals and she has also won several honorary titles, such as excellent young college teacher of Fok Ying Tung Education Foundation, Hundred-talent Award Program of radio and television theorists, Excellent journalist of Beijing, and so on.

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