Digital Cold War: The China-India Dynamic

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Digital Cold War: The China-India Dynamic

Author | Affiliation:
Daya Thussu | Sage journal Global Media and Communication

Presenting at:
Panel 1C | Chinese Outbound Social Media Platforms in the Indian-Pacific: Just How Soft is Chinese Digital Power?


The banning of the world’s most downloaded short-video app, the ByteDance-owned TikTok, by India in June 2020, in the wake of the border clash with China is a case of digital tensions born out of ‘techno-nationalism’. This will be discussed within the broader geopolitical contestation and global political realignment, following the US-China trade war. As part of this digital Cold War, the US wants India to join the so-called ‘Clean Network’ – a ‘clean and safe’ Internet network that excludes Chinese-owned apps, considered harmful to democratic institutions and structures as the data they harvest is stored in authoritarian states. Will India oblige, given its dependence on Chinese digital hard and software?

About the author

Daya Thussu


Daya Thussu is Professor of International Communication at the Hong Kong Baptist University. Founder and Managing Editor of the Sage journal Global Media and Communication, he is author or editor of 20 books, his latest co-edited book is BRICS Media: Reshaping the Global Communication Order?

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