Soft power bottom up: internationalization of Chinese UGC content

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Soft power bottom up: internationalization of Chinese UGC content

Author | Affiliation:
Xiaoting Yu | Queensland University of Technology

Presenting at:
Panel 1C | Chinese Outbound Social Media Platforms in the Indian-Pacific: Just How Soft is Chinese Digital Power?


Multi-platforming has been an established practice for creators since the rise of multiplatform wars. While Chinese creators’ spontaneous labor to create on overseas platforms can be described as multi-platforming, the Chinese social media entertainment intermediaries’ expedition onto overseas platforms is not merely multiplatform strategies. ‘Chuhai’(go overseas) is a practice mediated on company level with careful and professional calibration of contents and marketing in terms of language, localization strategies, copyright laws, and platform affordances. In this presentation, Xiaoting Yu will look into the case of Chinese video creator Li Ziqi and discuss the internationalization of Chinese social media entertainment content. Whereas the internationalization of creator IP does not align with formal contextualized discourse of Chinese culture ‘going out’, their presence on international platforms are soft enough to organically find echoes within a broader cultural context.

About the author

Xiaoting Yu


Xiaoting Yu is a doctoral candidate at the Queensland University of Technology’s (QUT) Digital Media Research Centre.

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