Panel Format

Panel Format

  1. Presenters pre-upload 5-minute video presentations prior to the conference, by 18 June 2021 (one week before the start of the conference to allow peers to view their presentations and prepare discussions).  

    Pre-recordings can involve video presentation and/or narrated slideshows, and/or written materials. Please send your pre-recordings (mp4 files) to Please mark your panel theme in your submission and save your file under your name, e.g. 1A_Haiqing_Yu.mp4. We will upload the presentations as soon as we receive them. 

  2. All panellists watch and prepare prompts for discussion with the chair, other panellists, discussants, and participants.
    Each panellist will give a very short review of their work at the conference, as
    provocations for discussion; 2-4 minutes each, strictly enforced. No sharing screen
  3. Panel chair will have a short ‘response’ to each presentation; or coordinate with panel
    discussant(s) (if any) to offer responses and facilitate discussion in their panel.
  4. If you have full papers, please send them along. Students are encouraged to send their full papers to participate in the student papers contest ( We will post the full papers, along with your videos, to the conference website.

Note: We will not record seminars or use YouTube for livestreaming due to privacy

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